Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Elizabeth Warren & No-Brainer

Elizabeth Warren, who inspired Obama to go on his “You didn’t build that” tirade, will be given place of honor speaking a Democrat Convention. "She was asked to speak because President Obama knows that Elizabeth is one of the strongest advocates for what's at stake for the middle class-- and our shared vision to move the country forward," Mindy Myers, Warren's campaign manager, informed supporters in a fundraising email shortly after the news broke. Warren will be competing for viewer ship with the NFL season opener that night. A no-brainer to decide which one to watch.

Hoax as truth

Hoax as truth. Why academics are idiots and we must be too because we let them indoctrinate our kids! That was the case last year at the University of Virginia, when a student falsely claimed campus police harassed him because he was black. After he was discovered, the student said he wanted to draw attention to “the topic of police misconduct.” But one should not discount these incidents, even if they are set up, some officials say. Regardless of whether a hate crime actually occurred, the fact that a student would feel compelled to fake one points to a whole other set of problems beyond just crisis response. “As an administrator, those are the kinds of things I’m really sensitive to – what are the students saying – because even if it’s not true, the perception is their reality,” said William L. Howard, assistant vice president of academic services at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. In other words, while a student’s method of calling attention to perceived prejudice may be flawed, that perception of prejudice still exists. “If you say, ‘This is not an issue on my campus,’ and a student has an experience that is counter to that, you have to listen to them.” Some positives can come out of a hoax, too. Cantwell said the incident at Trinity International opened up an important and helpful series of dialogues about race relations on campus, and provided an opportunity to evaluate the university’s emergency response procedures (they worked well). Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/07/31/hate-crime-hoaxes-present-burdens-lessons-college-campuses#ixzz22DPk204A Inside Higher Ed

Monday, July 30, 2012

Green Jobs Ho Ho Ho

A $38.6 billion loan guarantee program that the Obama administration promised would create or save 65,000 jobs has created just a few thousand jobs two years after it began, government records show. The program - designed to jump-start the nation's clean technology industry by giving energy companies access to low-cost, government-backed loans - has directly created 3,545 new, permanent jobs after giving out almost half the allocated amount, according to Energy Department tallies. Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/03/the_entire_obama_presidency_in_one_anecdote.html#ixzz228IX9TGA

Obama's Ruling Class

Michelle Obama’s $6800 jacket. “The White House declined to comment.” ANNALS OF THE ONE PERCENT: This could have fed 40,000 hungry children. “Using Forgo.it, compassionate people can give up luxuries like lattes, dessert, and even a new boat to feed poor children instead. Users can turn any mundane purchase into a philanthropic venture. . . . Through the middle of August, forgoers are raising funds to help Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) ship a sea-container filled with aid to Zimbabwe. At over 6 meals per dollar donated, users can change the world for a starving child. For example, when someone forgoes a $10 movie, 62 meals will be shipped.”

Liberal Hypocrites

ANDREW KLAVAN: Batman Battles The Politics Of Resentment. There are, after all, no socialist filmmakers in Hollywood. There are only capitalist filmmakers (Michael Moore, for one) who make socialist films. Likewise, none of the coiffed corporate multimillionaires who anchor the network newscasts can honestly support the Occupy movement which, taken to its logical conclusion, would result in their being hanged from lampposts. Yet while repeatedly tainting the free-market tea party movement with a racism it doesn’t espouse and linking it to violence it doesn’t commit, many creatives and journalists lend moral support to the socialist “occupiers”—underplaying the widespread vandalism, lawlessness and grotesque anti-Semitism characteristic of their demonstrations. “The Dark Knight Rises” is a stinging, relentless critique of that upside-down and ultimately indefensible worldview. And why not? Our chattering classes frequently tell us that art should speak truth to power and shock the bourgeoisie. It just never seems to occur to them that “the power”—and the modern Babbitts of the bourgeoisie—are themselves.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT WARREN & OBAMA DOUBLEDOWN Elizabeth Warren (also known as Faux-a-Hontas) doubles down “Last August, I stood in a living room in Andover and talked about why our country faced a massive deficit and what it would take to move us forward as a nation. I'm proud of what I said. I meant every single word of it. I said, ‘There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own.’ I praised the people who did get rich. I said, ‘You built a factory and it turned into something terrific or a great idea, God Bless!’ But I asked those who make it big to invest in the next generation of kids so they will have a chance too. Nearly one million people have watched the video from that house party. If you haven't seen the full clip, you can watch it here. And If you've seen it, you can watch it again -- and share it with your friends. Let's show Scott Brown and Mitt Romney that we won't back down.”

Progressive War on Chicken

[Center for law and Religion St. John’s University] That’s why [government] campaigns like this week’s against Chick-fil-A are so dangerous. Whatever one thinks about same-sex marriage, one can’t allow government to shut people down for expressing views in a public debate. (There’s no evidence that Chick-fil-A in any way discriminates against gays and lesbians, either in The Chick-fil-A corporate leadership supports traditional marriage from religious conviction, so the controversy has implications for religious freedom in America. It’s encouraging to see that Americans understand the value of free religious expression and disapprove of government’s attempts to bully people into silence – even if they disagree with the religious views being expressed. The controversy does reveal something ominous, though. As Robert George and others have written, the coming clash over religious freedom in America will likely involve sexuality: abortion, contraception, pornography, same-sex marriage, and so on. On sexuality, progressives seem increasingly unable even to understand the worldview of traditional religious communities like Muslims, Evangelical Christians, Orthodox Jews, and the Catholic Church. The intuitions are totally different: what traditional religious communities can’t help but see as common sense, progressives can’t help but see as psychological repression and bigotry. Disagreement is profound. Clashes may be very ugly, indeed.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Book of Barack is similar to the Book of Deuteronomy:

Just changing a few words shows how The Book of Barack is similar to the Book of Deuteronomy: “When the Lord BARACK brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give you--a land with large, flourishing cities you did not build, houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not provide, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant--then when you eat and are satisfied, be careful that you do not forget the Lord, BARACK who brought you out of BUSHDOM, out of the land of slavery.”

Heinlien reply to "You didn't build that"

Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty. This is known as “bad luck.”

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Changing meaning by changing labels. TSA/ICE have new term: ‘ Entry Without Inspection’ status Last year was ‘Undocumented Migrant’ Before that ‘ Illegal Immigrant’ And in the dark ages ‘ Illegal Alien’ Isn’t the new term so much more warm, fuzzy and cuddly? George Orwell explained it all in his book ‘1984' about how government can control reality by ‘Newspeak’.

Government & Economics

From page 166 of Thomas Sowell’s 1999 book, The Quest for Cosmic Justice: The inefficiency of political control of an economy has been demonstrated more often, in more places, and under more varied conditions, than almost anything outside the realm of pure science.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Obama Must Love Poor People, He Made So Many of Them

Obama Must Love Poor People, He Made So Many of Them "US Poverty on Track to Reach 46-Year High; Suburbs, Underemployed Workers, Children Hit Hard"--headline, Associated Press, July 22


Aurora Strikes Out Three troubling causes of the massacre in Aurora, CO. come to mind. 1. Our culture disrespects life. Who is to blame for this tragedy? 2. Indiscriminate violence and sex have taken on a life of their own. Are the entertainment industry and today’s social norms responsible? 3. No clear line exists between good and evil. Could too much separation between God and education be to blame? Just asking, because you can be sure a lot will be said but little will be done by government or the media to correct our terrible problem. It’d up to us to re-establish a culture of moral responsibility.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


[FROM IOWAHAWK BIBLICAL ORGIN OF OBAMAISM] You Didn't Build That Readings from the Book of Barack 1 In the beginning Govt created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the economy was formless and void, darkness was over the surface of the ATMs, and the Spirit of Govt was hovering over the land. 3 And Govt said, “Let there be spending,” and there was spending. 4 Govt saw that the spending was good, and that it separated the light from the darkness. 5 Govt called the spending Investments, and this he did in the first day. 6 Then Govt said, “Let there be roads and bridges across the waters, and let dams divide the waters from the waters.” 7 Thus Govt made the infrastructure and the patronage jobs for eternity under the firmament from the Potomac which was above the firmament; and it was so. 8 And Govt called the firmament Washington. This Govt did on the second day. 9 Then Govt said, “Let the regulations and the guidlines under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the Bureaus appear”; and it was so. 10 And Govt called the Bureaus demigovts, and the gathering together of them He called AFSCME. And Govt saw that it was good. 11 Then Govt said, “Let there be police, and firefighters, and teachers according to their kind, for they will create more jobs”; and it was so. 12 And then Govt bade the void bring forth crime, and arson, and stupidity, that each would yield seed to bring forth more police, and firefighters, and teachers, and jobs. And Govt saw that it was good. 13 So the evening and the morning were the third day. 14 On the fourth day Govt said, “Let Us make the economy in Our image, according to Our likeness; let it have dominion over the cars of the road, over the appliances of the supercenters, and over the pet groomers of the strip malls, over all the clickthroughs of Amazon and over every creepy thing of the Dollar Stores.” 15 So Govt created the economy in His own image; services and wholesale and retail He created them. 16 Then Govt blessed them, and Govt said to them, “Be fruitful and use the multiplier effect; fill the land with jobs; thou have dominion over thy realm, within limits, as long and thou remember to get thy permits and tithe thy taxes, for they are good. Hope to see you at the fundraiser.” 17 And on the fifth day Govt made an official Govt holiday, and headed off for a 3-day golf weekend at Camp David. But first Govt said to the economy, "you are free to eat from any tree in the garden, except the tree of Knowledge. There is a serpent in that thing, and thy health care does not cover it." 18 So when Govt was on vay-cay the economy set about the garden, plowing its fields and generating revenue for the glory of Govt. They obeyed the regulations and were not ashamed. 19 Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the balanced, publicly-funded birds the Lord Govt had made to sing news to the economy. The serpent was on the AM band. He said to the retail sector, “Did Govt really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’? ” 20 "Only yours, serpent," said the retail sector. 21 “Don't be a wuss,” the serpent said to the retail sector. 22 “For Govt knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will wise to Govt's scam.” 23 When she saw that the fruit was pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, and also free to download, she took some and ate it. She emailed a copy to her wholesaler, and he ate it; and then the wholesaler to the manufacturer, and he to the servicer. 24 Then the eyes of all of them were opened, and they realized they were being taxed naked; so they outsourced fig leaves to make coverings for themselves. 25 Then the economy heard the sound of the Lord Govt returning from vay-cay with the demigovts Osha and Tarp and Irs. It was the cool of the day, and they were hiding their profits from the Lord Govt among the trees of the garden. 26 But the Lord Govt called to the manufacturer, “Where are you?” 26 He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid, so I sought a tax shelter.” 27 And Govt said, “Who told you that your profits were yours? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from? ” 28 The man said, “The retailer made me —she has a thing for serpents.” 29 Then the Lord Govt said to the retailer, “What is this you have done?” 30 And she said to the Lord Govt, “Don't take that tone with me, fat boy. And why should I give you my profits?” 31 The Lord Govt was in wrath, and said, “For I am the Lord Govt, creator of Eden! 32 I gave unto you the roads and bridges, and schools and cops, brought unto you of gentle showers of Tarp and Stimulus and rivers of Subsidy, I am the purifier of the waters, cleanser of the air, without which you and your profits would not exist. Thus all that thou have created is created by Us. Thus ye shall render unto Govt what is Govt's, and this is the Word of your Lord.” 33 At these words, Solydra and Gm and Seiu and all the Cronyans and Laborites dropped to their knees in trembling fear and supplicated themselves before the Lord, presenting Him golden gifts of contributions. 34 Then the retailer said to Govt, “And who created you?” 35 In righteous anger did the Lord Govt again rise up and said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Tri-Delts and the Dekes, I am and have always been! I am the great cosmic turtle on which you and the entire economy rest.” 36 "And on whom do you rest, turtle?" said the retailer in blasheme. 37 "Do not mock me with your knowledge trickery, harlot!" said the Lord Govt. "I am turtles all the way down." 38 So the Lord Govt said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, “Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life. 39 And I will keep you from tenure and grants and the airwaves, and condemn you to the bowels of internet." 40 Then the Lord Govt turned the retailer and the manufacturer and the wholesaler and all the servicers, and said, “I will make your taxes and regulations very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to profit. You shall be afflicted with plagues of audits, the coming of Osha, and the trials of Irs. By the sweat of thy brow you will earn thy living until you return it to Me. You will suffer the droughts of subsidy and stimulus, and will thirst forever. You're welcome." 41 And so the Lord Govt banished the economy from paradise, and bade them go outsource to the Far East of Eden. And as the chastened economy slouched out of of Babylon He said unto them, 40 "How do you like them apples?" July 21, 2012 | Permalink http://iowahawk.typepad.com/iowahawk/2012/07/you-didnt-build-that.html

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Truth Is Marching On

What did you take away from the popular, successful Fayette county Fair? From the stirring music, the loud, colorful pops and the heart-warming circumstances of recent 4th of July celebrations? I gathered evidence of America’s spirit. Her Zeitgeist on parade. We Americans have it better than ever because individuals achieve spectacular results. Believe it or not, we are free to pop on a HDTV, hand-held device or use a GPS. We can watch an incredible dog challenge, play a video game, check the weather or the follow the Olympics. We rely upon power workers sweltering in the heat to replace power poles and re-ignite our electricity. Has government or authority ever played a role in human endeavor for the betterment of mankind? No. In spite of punishment, prohibition or repression, the individual has inevitably been responsible for his own actions. So cheer up, whatever the political system or cultural climate, whoever the President, it is ultimately up to the ordinary individual to either mark time or advance our country. Believe it or not, the unelected, the common people, continue to function quite well without engaging in politics or caring about their public officials. Only half of Americans vote, probably because they assume business is as usual, dysfunctional, in Washington. Comparatively speaking, we live in an America that is faster, simpler, healthier, wealthier, cheaper, better, safer and freer than ever before. We benefit from the wonders of international connectivity thanks to the Internet. Some nations still ration resources and live in scarcity, but we are blessed with the ability to organize our plenty. Repression by socialism, Communism, dictatorship or Muslim fundamentalism is fed elsewhere by scarcity and fear. What could we fear? An enemy that tries to prescribe outcomes by circumventing the process of competition and experimentation in favor of preconceptions and prejudices. But politicians come and go. The unelected stay. The apathy of common people who shun politics can foster individual achievement apart from partisan politics. Believe it or not, on one of the islands of Hawaii, a huge all-terrain vehicle for tourist excursions, possess individual power in each of its 6 wheels. What is the base for America’s future? Not manufacturing, but technology. Not stagnation but innovation. Man’s material progress depends on our natural resources plus our human energy multiplied by our tools. No government should dictate the future if information, technology and creativity remain unlimited. Only you can kill your dream. Believe it or not, in the 1980’s, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was only 1000; today it is over 12,000. Should we fear Google, AT&T, TSA or the IRS collecting a storehouse of information? As a counter balance, we have the world-wide Web, Facebook, the cell phone, Youtube and Twitter. Man is a social animal, wired for sharing ideas and experiences. A social species in the animal world tends to dominate and succeed. Helping each other, altruism, seems to be part of our human nature. ‘We’, however is not enough; individualism fuels progress. Believe it or not, in 1876, leather makers could turn out 1 horse saddle every 2 days; in 1915, an assembly line produced a new Ford each ½ hour. The news media promotes fear of everything getting bigger except government – body mass, deficits, debt, disabilities, hunger, poverty, disease, etc. The national pension debt will triple to about 2.2 trillion dollars. If 1 in 4 families is touched by mental illness and 1 in 4 Americans is disabled, those two numbers together equal ½ of the population. What about the bubble created by our welfare state? In 1966, 18 workers paid for one person on Medicaid; today it is just 2. For every 1.24 persons employed, 1 person receives welfare or works for the government. Eleven million checks are written for Social Security Disability(up by 50% in the last 10 yrs.). We have inflated a volatile, unsustainable balloon. Fear not data generated at Comedy Central. Studies cannot predict the future. Bubbles burst. The moral center of America will hold. Believe it or not, city skylines are increasingly being punctured by thousands of feet of engineering genius as populations and tourism increase. From the time of Pericles ( 450 B.C.) until the end of the 18th century – 2,300 years - standards of living on Earth increased about 100%. In the U.S., however, since 1790, per capital gross domestic product has increased 4000%. Quality of life increased 40 times more in 220 years in American history than it has globally over 2000 years. Today the bottom 20% enjoy a higher quality of life and life expectancy than the average person in the top 1% in 1790. Though we send the best to the London Olympics, America’s unelected are equally important to the greatness of our national enterprise. Is there a frightening gap between rich and poor? Between the super rich in sports, entertainment, high stakes finance and Silicon Valley and the common person? Actually, when Michael Jordan, for example, was paid $33 million, which consumed ½ the payroll of the Chicago Bulls, everyone (not just Michael) was better off. Even a median player in 1998 made more than 7 times what the median player made in 1986 ( just 10 years earlier); the income of the lowest player was 4 times higher than his 1986 peer. A rising tide lifts all boats. Can government kill a county fair, a cool breeze or an act of love? Not unless we succumb to fear. We might not be able to pronounce the names of the next generation’s children, but we can count on them to march forward as individuals, some apathetic, but others eager to carry a torch that lights up our future. ___________________________________________________________

Friday, July 20, 2012

First Principles

LIMITED GOVERNMENT Which way? A decline in American economic leadership would be dangerous for the world economy and thus for America itself. An America transformed from a private sector-centered, producer-consumer nation to a GOVERNMENT-ADMINISTERED social service provider would NO LONGER be the “exceptional country” it was when it was founded. Which way are we headed? You know, I know, but do enough Americans know to save us? [A quick summary of John Taylor’s new book “First Principles”]

Thursday, July 19, 2012


REWRITE OF CHILDREN’S BOOKS INSPIRED BY OBAMA’S “YOU DIDN’T DO IT” CONCEPT MORE MOCKERY: OBAMA KIDS’ BOOKS. Are You There, Marx? It's Me, Barack Solynderella. The Little Red Hen: A Tale of Greed and Oppression by the 1% The Little Engine That Couldn’t Without Federal Assistance My Little Crony Fast and Furious George Heather Has Two Mommies Without Jobs Clifford, the big red delicious dog Green Jobs and Scams, I do not like them Sam, I am. The Indian In The Cupboard (The Elizabeth Warren Story) “Without me doing anything, my net worth has dropped 40% since Obama took office. I didn’t do that. He did.” FOR AN EVER GROWING LIST OF TITLES GO TO: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/19/obamakidsbooks-the-ways-to-mock-obama-are-endless/ Please add your own

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Comments on Obamanomics:

Comments on Obamanomics: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that." If the World's Greatest Orator turns out to be a one-term president, it is likely to go down as the most memorable utterance of his career. Mitt Romney certainly hopes that happens. ‘Despite appearing in a controversial ad for the pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA, denouncing Romney's role in the GS Technologies plant closing, Box, a lifelong Democrat, says he won't be voting for the first time since 1971 because he has lost faith in politicians. "I could really care less about Obama," says Box. "I think Obama is a jerk, a pantywaist, a lightweight, a blowhard. He hasn't done a goddamn thing that he said he would do. When he had a Democratic Senate and Democratic Congress, he didn't do a damn thing. He doesn't have the guts to say what's on his mind." Oh well, at least he's likable.’ “Barack Obama wants us to live in an America of his imagining – a magical land of perfect equality where the laws of economics and human nature do not apply, where everyone gets his own unicorn and the only ones who have to pay are the mythical “rich,” who toil endlessly to provide for all of us without complaint. . . .”

Monday, July 16, 2012


IF YOU HAVE A JOB, YOU PAY FOR THIS: The Obama Department of Agriculture has pulled the radio”novelas” that urged Spanish-speakers to wise up and get on the dole. (“In one of these, an individual tries to convince a friend to enroll in food stamps even though that friend declares: ‘I don’t need anyone’s help. My husband earns enough to take care of us,” says GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions, describing the novelas. “The first individual replies back: ‘When are you going to learn?’”) Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/07/16/make-ignoring-work-pay/#ixzz20oVWoQ5Y

Sunday, July 15, 2012


The American Heritage Under Siege One simple fact remains: As long as Americans continue to esteem the vision expressed in the U.S. Constitution, Bill Of Right, and Declaration Of Independence, there can be no collectivism in this country. The Constitutional Republic formed through revolution against despotism by the Founding Fathers is a solid antithesis to outright tyranny. So, it only follows that the “Futurists” of today and the puppeteers who pull their strings would do absolutely everything in their power to distance the public as far as possible away from the heritage of those documents and that time. Much like the Cultural Revolution in China, though moving at a slower and more subversive pace, our history is being purged and rewritten to accommodate a centralized dream of the new America. This dream hinges on the suggestion that the Constitutional structure is outdated, and that it must be remodeled to accommodate the burgeoning Globalist paradigm. Our own sitting president has voiced similar arguments in the past…” How many times must historical “inevitabilities” be confounded before they lose their hold on our imaginations?


SCIENCE IN THE ERA OF HOPE AND CHANGE: In Vast Effort, F.D.A. Spied on E-Mails of Its Own Scientists. “A wide-ranging surveillance operation by the Food and Drug Administration against a group of its own scientists used an enemies list of sorts as it secretly captured thousands of e-mails that the disgruntled scientists sent privately to members of Congress, lawyers, labor officials, journalists and even President Obama, previously undisclosed records show. What began as a narrow investigation into the possible leaking of confidential agency information by five scientists quickly grew in mid-2010 into a much broader campaign to counter outside critics of the agency’s medical review process, according to the cache of more than 80,000 pages of computer documents generated by the surveillance effort. Moving to quell what one memorandum called the “collaboration” of the F.D.A.’s opponents, the surveillance operation identified 21 agency employees, Congressional officials, outside medical researchers and journalists thought to be working together to put out negative and ‘defamatory’ information about the agency.” They told me if I voted for John McCain we’d have a paranoid administration full of surveillance efforts and enemies lists. And they were right!


Note from Ed Driscoll: Elites mock ‘fundamentalists’ end of world view or apocalypse. Yet, elites have muliple apocalypse scenarios - warming, plague, oil gone, GM foods, corn syrup, radical enviormentalism. Which brings us to Pascal Bruckner’s new piece in City Journal titled, “Apocalyptic Daze — Secular elites prophesy a doomsday without redemption:” Brandon Smith: “A distaste or hatred of heritage is very common at the onset of any collectivist restructuring. These restructurings usually target principles of individual liberty and self governance while masquerading as a fight against oppression or corruption. The old principles are either presented as too outdated and insufficient to deal with the new problems of a culture, or, they are presented as the actual SOURCE of the problems of that culture. In either case, the elites wielding the collectivist machine inevitably call for a purge of all bygone ideals. These purges[ nazi, communist, enlightenment], as numerous examples have shown, are only temporary. The great conundrum for the elites has not only been the obstacle of memory, but the obstacle of the soul; that inherent quality in human beings that compels us to pursue freedom, balance, and truth, regardless of the constraints of our environment. The documents and remnants of heritage that oligarchs seek to destroy are ultimately only expressions of our inborn consciences. Deep down in each person, no matter what they have been conditioned to believe, there is a well-spring of vital ideas that conflict with the mechanizations of collectivism. Individualism finds a way to surface, and so, the central rulers must start over once again, looking for an insurmountable method of control.


Thomas J. Schlereth’s 1991 book, Victorian America: In the [1876] Centennial’s Machinery Hall, individual leather makers crafted horse saddles, completing one every two days; at the [1915] Panama-Pacific Exposition, industrial laborers working on an assembly line built a new Ford every half hour


NOT IF OBAMA AND THE GREENS CAN HELP IT: Shale will free US from oil imports, says ex-BP boss. Lord Browne told a conference in Oxford the US would be "completely independent of imported oil, probably by 2030". He also said the amount of shale gas in the US was "effectively infinite".


FATTIES are DESTROYING THE WORLD, scream mad professors RECOMMENDATION: AMERICAN CHILDEN SHOULD BE ‘DIETED’ TO SIZE OF VEITNAMESE. Professor Ian Roberts of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and his colleague Dr Phil Edwards North America has only 6% of the world's population but 34% of the world's biomass mass due to obesity. In contrast Asia has 61% of the world's population but only 13% of the world's biomass due to obesity. "Our results emphasize the importance of looking at biomass rather than just population numbers when considering the ecological impact of a species, especially humans," says trainee doctor Sarah Walpole, who also worked on the document. "Everyone accepts that population growth threatens global environmental sustainability – our study shows that population fatness is also a major threat," adds Roberts. "Unless we tackle both population and fatness - our chances are slim."

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

taX The Unknown

Let’s not even get into the anti-liberty goals of ObamaCare; they are too legion to mention. Rather, let’s be blunt. The government will now run all healthcare - yours, your doctor’s, the hospital’s, the pharmacy’s, medical devices and billing. If you think of efficiency, frugality, innovation, common sense or humaneness when you think ‘government,’ think again. Imagine employees at the Post Office, DMV or TSA. Imagine Eric Holder running the show. Imagine taking a number at the emergency room. Imagine a rendezvous with a tumor or heart attack. Imagine the IRS coming to your rescue. Nightmares, right? The Tea Party Movement is saddened by the terrible irresponsibility of ObamaCare and the ObamaTaxes that will bankrupt the nation. Such Taxation is tyranny. The Tea Party principles of Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets are abandoned by ObamaCare’s reckless distortion of our nation’s laws and traditions and it’s gross misreading of the nature of man(a creature with free choice). ObamaTaxes will be the biggest tax increase in the history of the world. Yet, right here in Fayette County, we have people lauding all the new ‘free’ benefits they are to receive. Benefits are given ‘right now’ but most of the ObamaTaxes don’t kick in until 2014. The genius of this politics is to wed people to immediate benefits that they will clutch like Europeans. Later tax costs will hit; then people won’t think of surrendering their entitlements. Do those in Fayette County who say they are getting all the ‘free’ benefits think about where the money comes from for ‘free’? I know our schools struggle with teaching math but this is only 3rd grade stuff. It is estimated that the ‘Affordable Care Act’ will raise, yes raise, medical costs by 40%. Truly the Congresscritters must have snickered when they picked the term ‘Affordable.’ The goal of the ObamaTaxes is to hide them by shifting them to other parties like insurance companies, state governments, investors and pension funds. Of course, each of these entities then passes the costs along to ordinary citizens as price increases which are - surprise - not affordable. Yet he Obama administration will benefit when the public curses these entities as ‘gougers.’ 75% of OmamaTaxes will fall on the backs of those making less than $120K a year. As one analyst said: “It’s a punch in the stomach to middle class families.” Besides the ‘taxes’ and ‘penalties’ given full steam ahead by the Supreme Court, there will be hundreds of other hidden ObamaTaxes. The Medical Device Tax will tax every medical device, like Bandaids, hearing aids and pacemakers at 2.3%, but it will be collected from the manufacturer who will be blamed by the consumer for the increased cost. Then there is the ObamaTax of an additional 3.4% tax on investments and an extra .9% tax for medicare to be imposed on many individuals. Analysts have no clue how these taxes will be imposed since the IRS has not issued any regulations yet. Look out for unintended consequences. George Orwell’s Newspeak has become the language of the Obama administration. ‘Affordable Care Act’, ‘revenue enhancements’ and ‘investments’ have become fuzzy code words for taxes. As Humpty Dumpty said in a rather scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean- neither more nor less.” ObamaCare provides for over 16,000 additional IRS agents to collect the hundreds of hidden taxes. 50% of Americans don’t pay any income tax now and many do not even have to file the dreaded 1040. But under ObamaCare, every American will have to prove he paid the ObamaCare Tax or the penalty and any additional hidden ObamaTaxes. How complex is the next version of the 1040 going to be? I suggest stock in H&R Block; their business will boom. ObamaCare was 2,700 pages long and as the then Speaker of the House, the ditzy Nancy Pelosi, said, “We have to pass it to see what is in it.” Her latest comment is identical to the witless comment of Jay Carney, Obama’s official spokesperson: “Call it what you want.” The 2700 pages of ObamaCare mention numerous times a “Secretary shall make regulation to .....” Who might this Secretary be? Answer, ding bat Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services. I bet this ‘Secretary’ will send 10,000 regulations to the IRS which in turn will develop 5,000 more pages of micro managing rules for implementation. Simple, huh? The scary part is that nobody knows what is in ObamaCare. Congress does not know, Obama does not have a clue, and the Supreme Court totally transformed the rational for it. By the time this is all finished, nobody will know what nuances separate a fine from a tax from a penalty. Could the IRS confiscate even our private property for not amending our behavior to follow the dictates of the ruling class? The Supreme Court switcheroo on the legitimacy of ObamaCare, now means that the ruling class can place a tax on things you don’t do in order to force you to buy or do what they want. Serfdom anyone. Taxation on inaction is now the law of the land. If Obama knew he had this power during the auto industry bailouts, he could have easily placed a $10,000 tax on Toyota buyers because they did not purchase a Chrysler or GM vehicle or a $5,000 tax on Ford since it refused the Obama bailout. Obama’s war on the Catholic Church just got a big boost too in this decision. Think of all the ways to tax religious groups for what they don’t do. Other congregations better wonder if they are next. Every non-purchase of a ‘politically correct ‘ item could be taxable. The Tea Party calls upon Republicans to stand up to tyranny and for Democrats to decide if they are real democrats or liberals. Mr. President, tear down this TAX!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Ultimate Reality

Take your pick of the following two expressions of ultimate reality. A black man said: “I like to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting system, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.” MacKinlay Kantor, a writer speaks of a special moment as “an instant in which one experiences an upsurgence of appreciation of Nature, of Humanity, of intricate Life at Large - a feeling of belonging, of thankfulness over the mere possession of appetites and ambitions and powers - a gratitude toward all Creation. ... And a willingness to let others argue about who the Author might be, or why He Authorized these phenomena. “ Your choice, of course, is between the simple and rhetorical, between the transcendent and the earthly glory, between God or man, between a skeptical man and a man of Faith. Nature, you may note, never changes from wondrous in either of these contrasting views.