Monday, June 16, 2008


Che Guevara and Barack Obama beam down smiles from large posters in the office of Judge James Burge in Lima, Ohio. Tactfully the judge has arranged it so that Che and Barrack gaze off in different directions. But I take little comfort in seeing Che, revolutionary murderer extraordinary, looking to the right and Barack, Democrat Presidential Candidate, looking to the left. Judge Burge, and the pictures in his office, came to public attention when last week the squeamish judge ruled that Ohio’s method of prisoner execution was unconstitutional because it used three drugs in the process and the prisoner could feel pain from two of the drugs being injected. The judge’s queasiness about the pain of a needle seems odd given that one of his heroes, Che, favored a single bullet into the head of a victim facing him. Barack being more of a sensitive soul just worries about red necks clutching a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other.

Barack Obama’s questionable judgement in evaluating the character of his close advisors has apparently been commonplace and has become so well-known that even the elite media, which treat him worshipfully, has had to acknowledge some of his major gaffs. Obama’s 20 year association with the racist Rev.Wright, his obtaining hundreds of thousands of dollars of funding for the lunatic priest Fr. Pfleger, his receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits from the real estate crook, Tony Rezko, his association with Bill Ayers, the aging terrorist, and Bernadine Dohrn, who beat the rap on killing a policeman, and his having to cashier a handful of campaign advisors because of their questionable backgrounds - are routine embarrassments that call into question Obama’s ability as president to make sound judgements on both the national and international stage.

But now more and more evidence piles up about the outright flakiness of many of his supporters and campaign workers. I find it breathtaking that a sitting Ohio judge can sit under the poster of a murderer and think that we as citizens should have respect for him, his opinions and his court and not wonder about his choice for President of the United States. In February, a similar flap occurred in Houston when Obama’s campaign headquarters was on the nightly news showing campaign staff passing out Obama literature under the gaze of Che Guevara and the Cuban flag. Let’s give credit to the more patriotic of the campaign workers who also displayed an American flag between Che’s visage and the Cuban flag. Of course, the more radical campaign workers skipped the American flag in their offices and just displayed the other two. A circular question presents itself: why does Obama court the loonies of the far left and, the reciprocal question, what does the loony left see in Obama that the remaining Democrats are not seeing? The further anyone is estranged from the mainstream of Democrat politics, the more enamored and devoted they are to Obama’s candidacy . Do they see a kindred soul in Obama by reading his call for undefined ‘change’ as the same as Che Guevara’s call for revolution. Is Obama’s call for ‘fairness’ through punishing the productive elements in society seen as the beginning of the ‘rule of the proletariat’ in Marxist philosophy? What do the loonies hear that the rest of us don’t hear in Obama’s oratorical flourishes? I am not talking about obscure coded messages reserved for certified loonies possessing the secret decoder ring. I don’t believe in conspiracy that is the province of liberalism. I just take candidates and their followers at the plain meaning of their words (and their posters).

What is it that aging radicals of the 60's (Hillary Clinton’s natural constituency), see in Obama, a much younger man? A candidate sympathetic to their radical goals that have been discredited throughout history? At the same time, baffled and uneducated (or mis-educated) students of elite schools also see Obama as their standard bearer, a messiah of ‘change’ speaking psycho-babble without content. Is it just that these two ‘groups’ (old radicals and young students) are most susceptible to charisma and oratory in which they hear words embracing their vapid and reprehensible views? A charismatic leader, such as Che Guevara or Barrack Obama , is a person in whose presence normally rational people turn to putty. A number of so-called hard-boiled reporters have confessed that their legs tingle or they practically swoon in Obama’s presence. Mere mortals project their hopes, desires and fears onto the charismatic leader and see their personal fulfillment through him. In the end, they are always disappointed with the results.

Remember the old adage, "We will be judged by the company we keep." That applies to both Obama and his Obamaists. If the flakes and nut cakes form the solid left of Obama’s coalition, who will get the spoils in his presidency - the ‘old democrats’ or the loony left? Judge Burge’s eyes must glaze over as he envisions himself as Obama’s first Supreme Court appointment. And surely his poster of Che Guevara will replace - say - Abe Lincoln in his chambers.