Monday, March 30, 2009


" A little child shall lead them." says the Book of Isaiah. How far we have come from biblical wisdom in the ‘ Age of Obama’. Today Pres. Obama, a man who has never held a productive job, has fired the head of General Motors and assumed the direction of a major industry. He is advised by his panel of 18 wizards who will meddle in the operations of the auto giant on a daily basis. The witless Obama’s panel of ignoramuses is composed of no one with any experience in the auto industry and in fact only 2 of the 18 even own an American made vehicle. GM, which should now be known as Government Motors, will be run on ideology and not on Free Market principles. GM will be crushed under the heavy hand of government regulation and meddling; forever banished is the ‘invisible hand’ of Adam Smith that could serve to make GM competitive, profitable and consumer responsive. Statist, socialist ideology will drive the company to zombie like existence and suck billions of tax money to support a bloated misdirected organization that will have no serious economic purpose.

Oh, for the day when a child would lead instead of a bureaucrat. In the Land of Obama we will be as sheeple.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Obama Bear Market

Letter to Senator

Courage!! Vote against the Omnibus Bill. Stop, think of America and then dissect every line of the bill and rip out every bit of pork and groundwork designed to implement the socialist state.

Today’s headline on Bloomberg is "Obama Bear Market". Think, do you want tomorrow’s headline to be "Obama/Voinovich Bear Market"? We have a clueless President with no experience in an productive endeavor trying to ramrod through a plan to put the entire nation under the thumb of bureaucrats. Look at all the things attempted since the inauguration; it is the reverse Midas Touch. Everything turns to governmental dross instead of gold.

On March 14th, we retirees will be waving placards at the Columbus Tea Party in front of the statehouse where will join younger people who see that America needs manufacturers, retailers and self-employed Americans to save the country. Not ideologue bureaucrats.

Do you want to be one of the helmsmen on the Titanic when we hit the iceberg of socialist reality?