Sunday, July 29, 2007


Ignorance is bliss (or just maybe good politics). Two hours without terror was the gift that the ten Democrat presidential wannabees presented to America in their last debate. Not a single mention of ‘terror’, ‘terrorism’ or ‘terrorists’ escaped their lips as they reviewed the problems facing America. Are we faced with Democrat candidates in the grips of ignorance, denial or delusion? Can we trust these mental midgets to lead our country in a dangerous world? They did respectfully answer questions about global warming asked by a sock-puppet Snowman. Ye gods! And in response to another request, obviously from an addled teenager raised on self-esteem, they dutifully turned to the candidates on their right and left and informed them what they liked or disliked about them. Solemnly candidate Edwards informed candidate Hillary that he did not like the color of her blazer.

After the tragedy of 9/11 and the recent terror bombings in Great Britain a normal person would think that the safety of the nation would be paramount in any discussion of candidates vying to be President of the United States. Apparently Democrats do not think so. In fact, candidate Edwards recently referred to the war on terror as a “bumper sticker” slogan perpetuated by President Bush and not a real concern. Some Democrat operatives, such as Mark Ribbing of the left-wing Progressive Policy Institute, see the Democrat blindness on national defense as disastrous for Democrats in the 2008 elections. Mr. Ribbing states people “want to know (or, perhaps more to the point feel) that the party truly understands the gravity of the threats we face, and has what it takes to defeat them.” Curiously, even Mr. Ribbing falls back on the mushy thinking of so many liberal Democrat intellectuals. Note he says people want to “feel” that Democrats are strong on defense of the nation; he does say they must really be “strong” on defense. The Democrats just have to make the electorate “feel” the right feelings by using their popularist psychobabble.

Two recent examples of this Democrat attitude that “feel” trumps facts are seen in the selection of State Homeland Security chiefs. Every State has a Homeland Security Department which is supposedly devoted to, of all things, Homeland Security. But if terrorism is just a “bumper sticker” myth of George Bush, then it makes sense for a state Governor to use his Homeland Security Department and its money for good old patronage politics and personal aggrandizement. Last couple days it is reported that Democrat Gov. Elliot Spitzer, in New York appointed a political hack from his campaign staff to head Homeland Security. The hack, William Howard, then proceeded to use the Homeland Security office, with the State Police, to spy on political rivals and fabricate scandals about them. New York’s airport, seaports and citizens can “feel” safer now that a hack is on the job. We also remember Democrat Gov. McGreevy, of New Jersey, who appointed his homosexual lover as head of Homeland Security in that state. Golan Cipal, the lover, besides having no qualification in security, was not even a U.S. citizen.

Mr. Ribbing’s recommendation that Democrats make people “feel” safe by giving the appearance of being strong on security and defense, crumbles when we see Democrat candidates flee from even the mention of terrorism and homeland security and bozo Democrat Governors exploiting Homeland Security Departments for personal and political gain.

Americans want to be safe and not just be given the illusion of “feeling” safe with smoke and mirrors. Terror, terrorism and terrorists exist and threaten America. What plan do the Democrat Presidential wannabbes offer in their platform to make America safe? We now know the exact plan the candidates propose to make a snowman’s son safe from global warming, but what about us Americans? If they can answer that ridiculous snowman question with solemnity, they should answer questions about how they will achieve victory in the worldwide war on terror. An old style Democrat, Harry Truman, said “ The buck stops here.” Today’s Democrat candidates say the “spin starts here”. America does not want European stye appeasement to become our national policy. Thankfully, Republican candidates seeing the disastrous humiliation of the Democrat candidates in their last debate are rapidly canceling their participation in a similarly scheduled fiasco in August. Republican candidate Romney best summed it up with the comment “presidential discussion is above questions from snowmen”.

Candidates, I want to hear your plan to be victorias over terrorism.