Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Berkeley" in Ohio!

Is Toledo trying to become the Berkeley of Ohio? In the Record Herald, of Feb. 11, I read that old rust belt Toledo is competing with Berkeley, California to become the moonbat capital of America. The story reads that the Mayor of Toledo, Cary Finkbeiner, kicked the U.S. Marines out of the city because he fears "they frighten people". The Marines were to participate in a previously scheduled urban warfare training exercise before deploying to Iraq. When the first Marines arrived they were informed by the Toledo police the mayor wanted them out of town by six o’clock. As Marines and gentlemen the marines departed and will deploy to Iraq to defend Mayor Finkbeiner’s right to be a jerk. Similarly, Berkeley, California has sent the U.S. Marines a letter telling them their presence is "unwelcome and uninvited" in the People’s Republic of Berkeley. And then the city council gave special permission and facilities to groups who wish to harrass and disrupt the Marine recruiting station in that city. I expect little from the bitter, leftover 60's radicals who control Berkeley, but I certainly expect more from Ohioans who are the heartland of America. Too bad that none of the news reports identified the political party of the pond scum running Toledo and Berkeley. I would be sure to vote against the political party that they represent come November.