Sunday, February 22, 2015

John Kerry, Sec. of State, spouting Obama party line

John Kerry, Sec. of State, spouting Obama party line:
“Success requires offering a vision that is positive and proactive: a world with more concrete alternatives to the nihilistic worldview of violent extremists...
We have to devote ourselves not just to combating violent extremism, but to preventing it...
We've combated violent extremism before...
The 20th century was defined by the struggle to overcome depression, slavery, fascism and totalitarianism. Now it's our turn. The rise of violent extremism challenges every one of us...”

Comments Mark Steyn:  By now you may be saying, "Oh, 'violent extremism', I get it. You mean..." Whoa, don't go there, girlfriend. "This is not true Islam," insists President Obama.


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