Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Politicians are mainly in the business of winning popularity contests called “elections” and not in the business of seriously studying the causes and effects of various real and imagined social ills.  ……. They are generally and strongly committed to furthering their own careers, to accumulating power, and to achieving the cheap prominence and unjustified respect that the public stupidly accords to people who succeed at winning political elections.

“The Political Order of a Free People,” 1979) of Hayek’s Law, Legislation, and Liberty:

Government is now of course not a human being one can trust, as the inherited ideal of the good ruler still suggests to the naive mind.  Nor is it the result of the joint wisdom of trusted representatives the majority of whom can agree on what is best.  It is a machinery directed by ‘political necessities’ which are only remotely affected by the opinions of the majority.


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