Wednesday, June 18, 2014

4th leg

            4th leg

Do you know the tea party is the 4th leg of the chair upon which our beloved country rests?  Check out Richard Viguerie.   The Conservative Movement evolved over 50 years.  From a one legged stool of Republican, to a second leg of the Libertarian, to a third leg of Social Conservative and then to a rock solid fourth leg of the Tea Party.  The Conservative Movement emphasizes  3 conservative,  Constitutional principles of the tea party, but adds  (per se) us as the vital final support for taking over the politics and culture in America that now wobble, wobble, wobble  – thanks to liberal lunacy.  Putting politicians second to the people is another brilliant idea of Richard.  For ex., when or if   politicians attend a tea party event, they should not speak but LISTEN.  


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