Saturday, October 03, 2015

Trahison Des Obama

                                                        Trahison Des Obama
Updating Trahison Des Clerics of 1920 (Treason of the Intellectuals- by Julien Benda
60+ years since I read TREASON OF THE INTELLECTUALS but it came to mind immediately when looking at George Pal’s comments today.  Obama/Professorate/Media/’Public’ Intellectuals/Progressive/Liberals/Democratic Party Leaders they all stand indicted before Mankind
“One may question whether real civilisation is so safely afloat that we can afford to use our pens for boring holes in the bottom of it.” F.L Lucas 1966
George Pal Says: 
“As brilliant a line and castigation of intellectuals and theorist as I can remember.

But Obama is not alone in commanding our disbelief and befuddlement. He can be explained – to some good extant. He is our Frankenstein monster. Cursed with an obsidian heart, a Muslim soul, an Alinsky brain; he sees through Cultural Marxist eyes, and his persona, a highly disordered character, emits a Gnostic hatred. But how does one explain the simultaneous emergence of O and the likes of Cameron, Merkel, Hollande, Stefan Löfven (Sweden), and all the other sellouts of their countries and national heritages? It’s a muddly world and I still say if you dismiss God you’re left only with demons.”


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