Monday, October 13, 2014

Corrupting the military to spout Obama party line

Corrupting the military to spout Obama party line.  Do you really believe the military believes the ‘national debt’ trumps ISIS. Iraq, Afghanistan or Russia as the greatest ‘threat to national security?  

Transcript of Chairman of the JCS Adm. Mike Mullen’s Speech at the Wilson Center

Posted by Alyssa Warren on June 3, 2011

At home, the U.S. and our military continue to come to grips with a new austerity due to the current economic environment and growing demands for debt servicing and repayment.  I’ve been very honest about my concerns over the national debt.  And I really do believe it is the greatest threat to our national security.  My bet is that the defense budget will at best be flat over the next few years.  That’s a marked change from the previous decade where our defense budget nearly doubled.  That will drive – or should drive – some very tough decisions about what kind of military we will build.  Unfortunately, our platforms are much older than the last time we faced a difficult budget environment, so we will have to build down from a much more strained base.
Also corrupted to spout the Obama party line:



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