Saturday, May 17, 2014

Philosophy lesson of the day


            Unsilenced Cal


            Philosophy lesson of the day from Jacques Maritain in 1932:  “Now the theological virtues and the supernatural gifts are the only things that are above reason. On all sides …the cry is heard: spirit, spirituality! But upon what spirit are you calling?  If it is not the Holy Spirit, you might just as well call upon the spirit of wood alcohol or the spirit of wine. The whole so-called spiritual, all the self-styled suprarational which does not exist in charity only serves animality in the final reckoning.  Hatred for reason will never be anything but a revolt of the genus against its specific difference.  Dreaming is quite the contrary to contemplation.  If purity consists in a perfect releasing of life in accordance with the trends of its own mechanisms, it exists more truly in the brute than in the saint.”

     Simplified explanation: We need a return to Christian values not the triumph of relativism masquerading as reason.  Utopian multiculturalism, socialism, Communism or liberalism won’t save any day ( or person or country).


            Unsilenced Cal


    Another philosophy lesson from Arnold Lunn in the 1930’s:  The Catholic looks out from the walls of his citadel and sees a world relapsing into that paganism from which Christianity emerged.  The Catholic knows that the enemy has long ceased to concern himself with …. Dispersed and uncoordinated forces, but is concentrating all his attack on the central citadel…”

   Simplified explanation:  Our culture is being destroyed from within ( like Rome) by  anti-Christian and big Brother government’s rot.




            Unsilenced Cal


    Last philosophy message from 1939 by Igino Giordani:  Women enter Christian society endowed with equal rights with man because she enters it with a soul and among souls there is no distinction of sex or class.  But she enters it also with the distinctive nature of woman and so, dictates are imposed on her which are most suited to that nature.  In the cycle of Redemption, the highest human creature after Christ is a woman, Mary, in which humanity has collaborated in the highest degree with the work of God.

     Simplified explanation:   Any so called homophobia or racism or war on women today is just phoney bunkum.     


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