Saturday, January 25, 2014


IRS SCANDAL UPDATE: Politico: Paul Ryan wants media to investigate IRS as aggressively as Bridgegate. Don’t be silly. Chris Christie is a Republican.

BRYAN PRESTON: This Is Starting to Look Like a Pattern of Political Moves and Prosecutions. “This is starting to make Nixon look like a walk in the park.” SINCE ALL OF YOUR COMMUNICATION ARE BEING RECORDED BY NSA (and the Obama Administration):

SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “Maybe we should start emailing each other copies of the Constitution, so we can know that the government has read it.”

RICK MORAN: Media Not Very Curious about D’Souza Indictment. “The indictment of a major critic of the president has elicited little more than yawns from the media. This is a case where you don’t even have to connect the dots. Just read a little history.”

The press basically approves of thuggery, so long as it’s aimed at people they don’t like. They only start talking about civility, due process, the constitution, and free speech when they or their allies are in trouble. And the presumption of innocence only applies to Democratic pols and operatives. Elsewise, “indicted” is treated as tantamount to “convicted.”


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