Monday, December 09, 2013

Obama & Falsehoods

And so how very ironic that so much of “Progressive” ideology today is hostile to bourgeois dignity and liberty.  How very dangerous that that ideology focuses upon interventions by Great Leaders, plans from the top, and taxation as keys to progress.  How sad that “Progressives” concentrate – because of a combination of envy, childishness, and economic ignorance – on “redistribution” rather than upon institutions and markets and innovation and liberty that alone are able to ensure widespread and increasing prosperity for everyone.
But for the President of the United States to say that “there’s no solid evident that a higher minimum wage costs jobs” is an outright falsehood.
No surprise, of course.  Obama is a successful politician.  For a successful politician to be unwilling to lie would be akin to a successful prostitute being unwilling to undress in the presence of paying clients.  Such unwillingness is inconceivable, for each activity is a key requirement of each of these respective jobs.
    Don Boudreaux

1996 essay (“Competition and Cooperation”) by the late, great Hugh Macaulay and Don Boudreaux
.” If needs are the basis upon which goods are allocated, it will pay each person to produce not goods but “needs.”  It will pay people to move toward poverty, for only then will one’s needs be maximized.  Moreover, if others do not readily recognize these “needs,” it will pay those in “need” to exert efforts emphasizing the genuineness of their “needs.”
(If you think this passage describes no reality, pay attention to the typical excuses government schools and teachers’ unions offer for more funding.)

1979) of Hayek’s Law, Legislation, and Liberty (original emphasis):
Man has not developed in freedom.  The member of the little band to which he had to stick in order to survive was anything but free.  Freedom is an artifact of civilization that released man from the trammels of the small group, the momentary moods of which even the leader had to obey.  Freedom was made possible by the gradual evolution of the discipline of civilization which is at the same time the discipline of freedom.

High Error Rate Dogs Health SiteA
The federal government said about one in four electronic transactions sent from the website to insurance companies in October and November could contain errors, raising concerns that some consumers who think they had picked a plan won't be enrolled by Jan. 1.  WALL STREET JOURNAL 12/7/2013


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