Sunday, November 03, 2013

Will $36.00 a month make or break your budget?

Will $36.00 a month make or break your budget? Not if you have ½ a brain or even 1/4 of your grey cells  functioning. Yet, liberals claim that removing $36.00 of welfare money under SNAP will lead to lines at the food banks, perhaps even dire shortages.  Remember,  the $36 represents what was ADDED to payments and now is being taken away. $36.00 could have bought 12 boxes of Oatmeal or 12 bags of rice but they never will for the ‘poor.’. Once free money can buy ‘anything,’ the only thing that it will not buy is cheap, sensible,  nutritious and  reasonable selections of food.  Ground turkey at $2.00 a lb. could substitute for hamburger at $? a lb. ( I don’t know the cost  because I’ve hamburger not on discount special is too expensive for a common sense purchase).  Whatever! You get the point.  Taking $36.00 from the ‘poor’ should not be critical in a ‘poor’  family of 4's budget.  Get real!   Making a mountain out of mole hill of $36.00 -  is only possible in the unreal world of liberals and phoney poverty.


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