Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We are so hungry!

We are so hungry!

Last year, one in six Ohioans struggled with hunger. In Fayette County, 21.8% of residents live at or below the federal poverty level, and over 19,000 residents are deemed food insecure which means they do not to eat enough food each day to live active healthy lives. These community conversations will bring together a diverse group of organizations, businesses, and residents to examine the strength of the County’s current anti-poverty and hunger-relief efforts and to develop strategies to build on those efforts. - See more at: http://fayetteadvocate.com/archives/11982/2013/10/22/fayette-county-comes-together-for-a-community-conversation-about-ending-hunger/#sthash.CZcejFIj.dpuf

This year Chillicothe had to cancel Free Thanksgiving Dinners because 13,000 people were there last year

Please send us Food Packages, suggestions:
Fanny Mae
Kobe Beef

Beans and Rice slurped down with Chicken Soup made by boiling old bones is so boring.  But anyone with $9.99 can buy a deluxe 4-flavor New York Style pre-sliced 12 pieces of Cheesecake from Aldi’s!  Really!

We are trying to trap Chipmunks for fur and meat; the cat is helping us.
Mom & Dad


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