Sunday, August 04, 2013

When does free stuff foster dependence?

When does free stuff foster dependence? Chillicothe gave away 68 loaded backpacks the 1st year of its program for ‘needy’ kids. In 2012, they ‘served’ 800 children Call me an iconoclast, but isn’t it the height of the ridiculous to provide free stuff ( school supplies) to children?When do acts of ‘charity’ become enabling?
Parents first should be parents, assuming responsibility for their kids’ needs ( not necessarily wants). School supplies come packaged in multiples. From a list of 21 suggestions ( or requirements) an expenditure of $20.00 should be sufficient for all that is required for 1 ( or more students). Also, I bet some mother already spent a few dollars on a diary ( notebook) for a cherished daughter. I bet some father already spent quality time with a son using many of the hobby items. I bet some parents spend more than $20 for haircuts or shoes and much more than $150 for a TV or cable. I know most children grew up in the past, substituting water for hand sanitizers, hankies for tissues, bags or arms for backpacks, underlining for highlighters, etc.
What do we conclude from public school funding in the billions of dollars insufficient to supply basic requirements? Why are back-to-school requirements so specific?
What should parents do in this situation? Parents, get off the gravy train.
Carolyn McLaughlin
New Holland


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