Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Knowledge is a curse; ignorance is bliss

Knowledge is a curse; ignorance is bliss

Knowledge is a curse; ignorance is bliss.  What other fact can explain ignorance of the three basic tenets of American greatness - liberty, e pluribus unum and in God we Trust?   These three principles engraved on our money, summarize the beginnings, middle and end of our Republic.
We began  with a brilliant Declaration of Independence rooted in the principles of the individual freedom, a gradual  amalgam of differing pilgrims, settlers, pioneers and immigrants and a fundamental belief in the Christian God and His ethic.  We unevenly and incompletely pursued each principle as our American history developed.  We now have reached the end of America as we  know her.  Liberty has been usurped and subsumed by an out-of-control, domineering government.  Class warfare and special interests have replaced a harmonious blend of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and God - the Christian God ? - has been chased to the margins of acceptance.
Good thing no liberal, no progressive, no Atheist, no multi-cultural pragmatist, no politically correct do-gooder, no mortal has within his, her or his/her power to stomp out an invisible and invincible God.   God just awaits those who select Him.  Knowledge ( meaning the more you know the heavier the burden) might be the curse of the living but the bliss of ignorance on Earth leads to no bliss in Heaven.        


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